Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Living in Norway

This picture contains some of the things I associate with Norway. The nature is very typical Norwegian for me with the mountains, the fjords, and the small cabins or houses in the mountain. In the mountain to the right there is also a waterfall, which is very usual in Norway, and often seen in steep mountains. There is also many trees and forests in this picture, which Norway has a lot of. Eventhough I am not surrounded by this kind of nature in my daily life, this is something that I associate with Norway. The snow on top of some of the mountains in the background is also very typical Norway for me. In the winter we have lots of snow, and we therefore often go skiing.

In this picture the weather is very nice, but it can change really quickly from being hot and sunny to suddenly start raining, and lots of Norwegian likes to discuss and complain about the weather. For me, the weather in Norway is not that bad. I think we have a good mix of sun, rain, and snow. Although, sometimes it can be a bit to much rain or cold weather I think.

Besides the nature, I think Norway is a very nice place to live in. Its a safe country with good education offer, jobs, and good economics. I think Norway is a good country to live in.


  1. Hi I'm Abigail from Scottsbluff, Nebraska in the United States. (: I really like the way Norway has waterfalls and it looks like a beautiful place to live. Here in Nebraska we do not have forests or waterfalls. Our weather is a lot like yours in some aspects. The weather changes rapidly here every day, it can be 90 degrees and sunny one day, or 50 degrees and rainy the next. We do not have any mountains in Nebraska, but they aren't to far away. I would really like to learn more about Norway and if you have any questions about Nebraska I would be happy to answer them for you! (:

    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog!:) Its very interesting to hear about some of the differenses in Norway and Nebraska!:) Its funny to hear about how the weather changes in Nebraska:) Thank you! I will ask if I wonder about something;)