Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Social and cultural conditions and values

Last week we chose two different english speaking countries in groups of two and two, to compare in social and cultural conditions and values. We chose Australia and South Africa, and made some questions we asked each other about both countries. Here are the questions and answers.
Questions we made to Australia
Do they speak another language than English in Australia?:
  • English is the official language in Australia, but there are also spoken Aboriginal, European, Arab and Asian languages ​​in the country. They speak Aboriginal because the native people in Australia is the aboriginies. The
Which season is it in Australia now?
  • Spring
Which sports is most common and popular in Australia?
  • Sport and outdoor activities are very popular in Australia by having a climate that allows one to be outside the whole year. Big sports in Australia is horse racing, surfing, Australian football and rugby. The Australian rugby team is one of the most successful teams in the world.  Swimming and cricket is also a very popular sport.
What kinds of wild animals are most common and most seen in Australia?
  • There are many different wild animals in australia as kangaroo, crocodile, koalas, squirrels, badgers, hares, rabbits, foxes, lions, and a variety of reptiles and insects.
Questions to South Africa
Do they speak another language than English in South Africa?:
- There are eleven official languages in South Africa, and two of them are South African English and Afrikaans.
Which season is it in South Africa now?
- Right now there is late spring in South Africa which is the best time  to travel there because all the flowers comes out.
Which sports is most common and popular in South Africa?
- South Africa's most popular sports are soccer, rugby and cricket. Other sports with significant support are swimming, athletics, golf, boxing, tennis and netball.
What kinds of wild animals are most common and most seen in South Africa?
- Some of South Africas most known wild animals are Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhinoceros.


  1. Hope you get some answers to your questions! Looks like you found a lot of information on your own. Would be fun to see if people from Australia and South Africa agree with you!

  2. Hi there! Your answers are spot on - well done!
    Can you imagine having eleven official languages? Sounds odd, doesn't it? English is the most commonly spoken language though.
    As for our animals - you will have to visit our many national parks to see these animals. My family and I visited the Kruger National Park in July and it was an amazing holiday. We saw all the Big 5 (Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard and Lion, and many more. It was wonderful. Sadly our rhinos are facing a huge threat from poachers who kill them for their horns. Over 380 have been killed this year alone.
    We are a rugby-loving nation, as are Australia and New Zealand. Rugby is in our blood!
    Well done on answering your questions so well!
    Mrs S
    Cape Town,
    South Africa

    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog posts! Good to hear that I got some right answers! Thank you for giving some more answers on my questions!:) It was very interesting!:)