Monday, 22 October 2012

News from Australia and South Africa!

This blog post is in collaboration with the blogpost I wrote I while ago, Social and Cultural conditions and values, because now we have worked in the same groups and found a news story each of us. We have one news story from Australia, and one from South Africa.

Kellidi Shark Warning- More sharks now?

The news article/story I found is from Kellidie Bay in South Australia. Kellidie Bay is usually a popular place to fish and to do water sports, but now there has been sent out caution warnings to people who use the spot, because of sighting a great white shark!
A recreational fisher Matt Williamson was out fishing in September when the great white shark started to nudge his boat. He said that the shark first started to give his nine foot tinny small taps before it swam off, but then it came back again. He tells that he made phone calls to other fishers in the area to warn them about the great white shark.

Another local, a farmer, says that he had never heard about a shark in this area before, and no one other can remember have seen a shark. They say that the shark has never been seen before, and they may never see one again, but they are very sure that the amount of sharks has increased over the last twenty years. Maybe we´ll have to be more aware of sharks in countries like Australia in the next twenty years? Anyway they will certainly be more aware of sharks in Kellidi Bay now!

Also in South- Africa there is a swimmer which recently won bronze medal in the men's 100-meter butterfly in Paralympics, who got his leg bitten of by a shark while saving his younger brother! While they were out swimming Achmat Hassiem (the oldest) first saw the shark, and told his brother to swim to a boat nearby while Hassiem splashed the water to distract the shark. The shark bit his leg right of, and now he uses this happening as a motivation to swim fast in the Paralympics and other competitions! So it seems like shark attacks are quite common!

Here are the links to the two articles.

South Africa as Norway is interested in Felix Baumgartners jump and I found an article about that.
He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career.
Felix Baumgartner jumped from “the top of the world,” 39km up in the air, Sunday. Felix broke three new records this day. He was the first breaking the sound barrier, highest jump and highest balloon flight.

The 43 years old man said he always liked to see the world form above and used to climbed trees when he was younger. Felix worked more than five years for this jump and made his childhood dream come true. Felix jump form 39.044 meter and achieved a top speed of 1342,8 km/h. That corresponds 373 meters a second. The free-fall was last 4 minutes and 20 second long.
Watch highlights from the record breaking jump from the edge of space:

Baumgartner is known for dangerous skydiver and a BASE jumper. In 1999 he did the opposite of his new breaking record. He has also the shortest BASE jump in history. He jumped 29 meter from the arm of Cristo Redentor (statue in Rio de Janeiro).

He jumped from buildings and bridges all around the word. He is also the first to cross the English Channel in free-fall. He is also known for jumping into the second biggest cave in the world, Oman.
Watch more stunts form Felix here:
I mean this guy is like a hero. I don’t understand how he dares all this stunts. He entertains and break records whit his own life at risk.

To a reporter he said - “I hate it if someone calls me a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie because I am not. I like the whole planning”. He also told reports – “When you’re standing there on top of the world, you become so humble… The only thing is you want to come back alive”

Seconds before he jumped, he said "I know the whole world is watching now. I wish they could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to get up really high to see how small you are. I'm coming home now”

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