Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Miss Peregrine´s home for Peculiar Children

This first week after the Christmas Holiday we are working with an in-depth-study according to ou competency goals. We are supposed to choose one book we are either going to read just a little from, our read the whole book! We about seven different options, and I chose to read the book called “Miss Peregrine´s home for Peculiar Children”. One of the options were “The Hunger Games” who was really tempting to read, but I have already read it, so it wouldn´t be much exciting to read it again! Even though I adore it!
I read a short book description, and it seemed very interesting and thrilling to read! Shortly it is about a big house on an Island where there lived lots of children who could do extraordinary things. I also read some reviews on the book, and it seemed very good. Some people said that it was hard to put it down, and some said it got interesting when they had read some pages. Also it seemed like some people didn´t like the ending, but I figured that I want to read it even though!

I hope the book is exciting and thrilling, and that I enjoy reading it! 

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  1. I will try to read it too :) by the way please visit my blog too at http://www.alphaandomegadrivingschool.net. Thanks!